Cognac, Cupcakes, and Conversations: The Card Game. This is a social game for having fun and sparking up conversations. There are no points, just libations, and different perspectives.


There are three categories of questions: Majority Wins, Pick a side, and Conversations as well as our special cards: Wild Thoughts, Cupcake Questions and Take Shots. This game provides a unique experience you can have at a large party or a small kickback. Use it as an icebreaker to make new friends or learn something new about your homies.


Shuffle the cards questions facing down ( black side up) Make 3 decks  ( one for each category) pass out cards until each deck has 7 cards. Place remaining cards aside, they will not be used this time. Pick up and read cards in any order until all 3 decks are empty.

CCC The Card Game

  • Recommended 4 or more players (the more the merrier)

  • 21+